Cleaning of site and green areas

All-round service – thanks to really great facility management

We make your outside areas burst into life with new colours!
Our enthusiastic specialists offer a broad range of services to make sure that your property is cared for effectively and that its value is preserved.

Garden maintenance

  • General tidying work
  • Outside plants
  • Lawn care: fertilising, sowing new seeds, maintenance


  • Cleaning up footpaths and seating

Trimming / felling work

  • Hedge and bush trimming
  • Trees: felling work and replanting work

Special jobs

  • Watering
  • Indoor plants
  • Inspecting play areas
  • Fences / handrails / guardrails

Winter service

We offer a comprehensive service programme. We’re looking forward to getting to know what your needs and wants are and being able to discuss this with you in person.

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