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We offer you everything you need to sustainably maintain the value of your real estate. That includes facility management that is truly worthy of its name. By "truly worthy" we mean displaying qualities that set the tone in the industry: we consider facility management an investment in operational security and enduring value preservation. That's why we put people first and do our utmost to ensure that they feel comfortable in their properties, and enjoy living, working or producing there.

As an entirely Swiss company, we have expert knowledge of local conditions. We are committed, professional and practical in everything we do. This enables us to add value consistently, for tenants and owners.


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Livit Real Estate Management manages your property with a 360-degree outlook: a precise focus on your property and its future in the context of megatrends and market developments. Whatever you receive from us is customised with a goal – to safeguard your property’s profitability for a long future. We would like to discuss this with you and cordially invite you to a meeting about visions, facts and figures.
Properties are viewed in a larger context in the light of the megatrends. Location, accessibility and flexibility of use are the success factors of the future.
The valuation and management of properties is no longer governed solely by the design and quality of the property. Demand, the desires and needs of tenants, and forthcoming legislation are dominating supply.
External factors are growing in importance. The population trend, mobility and transport connections, increasing density, energy and sustainability are calling for visionary usage strategies and management concepts geared to them.


Good tenants will also be the foundation for profitability in the future. We therefore manage not only your property with a high level of commitment, but also your tenants. We collect relevant market data and correlate your wishes with those of your tenants. Together with you we plan both the present and the future. We analyse the facts and figures, play with visions and make real what is useful and viable for the future. We are here for you.
Pension funds, insurance companies, businesses and private individuals: these are our customers, for whom we do all we can to preserve the value of their properties and permanently enhance their returns.
The impact on future infrastructure is also becoming increasingly important: security, automation, building intelligence, energy autonomy and the “internet of things”. It is important in view of this development to keep ahead and have visions.
The real estate business is changing. Use, conversion, demographics, increasing density, mobility, sustainability and the interest rate trend are just some of the external factors that will affect owners in future.


With our experience and the new technologies for data analysis and individualisation, we find the right tenants for each property and the right property for each tenant. That is our mission. That's why we are here. That’s what Livit is for. We look forward to hearing from you.
Whether living, office, retail or commercial space: the recipe for success is flexibility. Flexibility in terms of area, space and use, individualisation of infrastructure and extensions.
Expectations from rental properties are changing due to the megatrends. The new forms of living and working, the silver society, future production methods and shop concepts are becoming increasingly important criteria.


Thanks to digitalisation we are developing new tools to connect our divisions: management, construction management, facility management, lettings management. Increased cooperation and services are arising. Customer orientation stands above everything: We develop products and services together with you and complementary partners. We do everything to ensure that you are satisfied with the digitalised world and its opportunities.
Digitalisation enables complex relationships and synergies from a wide range of specialist areas to be made visible and usable. It is the innovation driver par excellence: it is fundamentally changing our lives.
New risks Digitalisation makes data more vulnerable. It poses the risk of foul play, data theft and surveillance. This creates major challenges in terms of security, data and privacy protection.
New opportunities Digitalisation facilitates even better customer care with personalised offers and customised new services. It facilitates clear, data-driven decisions.


As owner you can make use of the new opportunities of individualisation to enhance the return. You gain reliable data for strategic and operational decisions. You can develop variable options for offers, infrastructures and expansions in a far-sighted manner. You know in advance what your property needs with a view to future tenants.
Properties can be optimally geared to market developments in strategic and conceptual terms.
Potential returns become calculable. Tenant needs can be precisely calculated. Owners can plan offer adjustments efficiently and securely.
The combination of market data with information from management, lettings management, construction management and facility management creates clarity for the future.
Thanks to new opportunities for data analysis, management and use, customer requirements and solutions can be individually harmonised.


We would be happy to investigate for you what urbanisation could mean for the future of your property. We can review if and how demand is changing and if and how this will affect your future offering for tenants. Don't hesitate to contact us. We take time for you.
Urbanisation calls for long-term strategies in the context of urban planning, demographics and mobility development.
Despite increasing density, towns should ideally become more like villages and provide enhanced local centres in terms of culture, consumption and events. With a multi-generational mix and multifunctional usage: living, working, business.
Villages are set to urbanise and require urban infrastructures and transport links to centres. The “Green Cities” vision is becoming reality.

Silver Society

For many owners the emergence of the silver society is a great opportunity and it is worth observing the market environment closely. It could pay off to adjust letting and offer strategies and offer apartments with services (post office, cleaning etc.), for example. You should also check whether the infrastructure is capable of meeting future expectations and what could be achieved with intelligent construction measures. We cordially invite you to evaluate your return potential together with our experts.
The generation of senior citizens not or no longer working represents a growing section of the population: it is relatively solvent and also relatively demanding.
The demographic trend with the growing group of senior citizens is influencing urbanisation and poses a significant factor for urban planning and mobility concepts.
The silver society loves urban life and tends to seek smaller apartments that are comfortable, fully equipped and “user-friendly”. These apartments should be centrally located with good shopping and transport facilities and preferably include a parking space.

Knowledge society

How intelligent is my property? Does it permit varied uses? Is it up-to-date in energy terms? What does building technology have to offer? What does all this mean for management and facility management? When should construction management be contacted? What pays off and what does not? We look forward to talking to you and are happy to make time for it.
Internet and big data facilitate access to information that was previously very difficult to procure.
Consumers are gaining new power via the internet and social media. They are assessing products and companies. Provider communication is becoming more sensitive.
New knowledge creates new technologies. Houses are becoming energetically self-sufficient. The “internet of things” is fundamentally transforming the infrastructure and use of properties. Intelligent buildings have a future.

New Work

What does new work mean for my property? Should I reconsider its use? Make its use more flexible? E.g. what does e-commerce mean for my commercial or office property? Are offers for experience shops combined with online trading an option? What is the ideal spatial design for the future? Which measures arise from the life-cycle analysis of management? Should I draw on construction management and facility management? We would be happy to talk to you and look forward to hearing from you.
New modes of work are changing property requirements. Flexibility in supply and use is becoming the new return driver.
Fitness for office and commercial buildings A “health check” is recommended in order to make properties fit for the future and avoid vacancies. This will reveal whether a property meets future needs in terms of design, function, structure, infrastructure and optics.
Fitness for living space It is worth specifying the spaciousness and use of apartments more precisely or positioning them more clearly, e.g. as apartments for singles, couples or families with home office infrastructure.

Facility Management

Traditional facility management still has its place. Today it is supplemented by the management of challenging infrastructures: heating, cooling, air-conditioning, power and communication, automation, security and lock systems. Customised services tailored to the property guarantee a long building life. We look forward to developing strong solutions with you for your properties. We take time for you.
Facility management is becoming more complex, technical and challenging. It is not seen on its own but as an interconnected service, a part of management, construction management and lettings management.
New skills for various areas of expertise are called for. The tasks of the traditional caretaker are being taken over by mobile teams, where necessary together with specialists for complex systems.
Livit Facility Management deploys mobile property managers specialising in specific areas who are very familiar with the properties managed.

Property management

For all the digitalisation, the objectives of management remain the same: value preservation, capital appreciation, profitability. The services on offer remain modular: as an owner you can select the services that make sense for you and your property. What is more, you benefit from new products and services, individually tailored to your needs. Personal support and advice: Let’s meet and decide what might be top priority for you, today and, above all, in the future.
Digital technologies are making property management quicker, easier, more efficient. Everything is becoming more personal.
Market information and context data from lettings, construction and facility management are taken into account: our 360-degree outlook means owners enjoy comprehensive added value in their property portfolio management.
Automation is being undertaken with prudence. Relief is on the way for standard business. The result: total concentration on the individual property, owner and tenant wishes, and market development.

Lettings management

Technological developments are bringing much comfort and efficiency. However, the lettings management of the future will also depend on human relations. The relationship of staff to owners and tenants, personal encounters and meetings. Although at Livit we make use of the opportunities of digitalisation wherever this makes sense, the focus is above all on you – our customers. We always enjoy hearing from you.
Digitalisation has revolutionised lettings management. Everything is happening online, from virtual apartment viewing and environmental analysis to applying online and credit checks.
Information is everything. Successful lettings management is based on networking and communication: from people with people, from data with people, data with data and data with things.
Tenant and property dossiers are digitalised. The letting process with dashboards for the development and monitoring of customer portfolios is set to become standard, as is digital property takeover and handover.

Construction management

Livit is among the few companies on the market capable of managing your properties and construction projects in a holistic manner – from a business, economic, technical, structural and legal perspective, as well as exclusively for letting and marketing. Livit construction management works systematically. In four phases and precise processes. You enjoy constant oversight and know when and how your investment will pay off.
Virtual construction is becoming the standard of the future. BIM enormously facilitates the planning and realisation of new buildings, conversions and renovations.
Livit’s building analysis with a view to the market is recommended for larger construction projects. This brings planning and investment security and strategic clarity – particularly where apartments are to be refurbished for the future or commercial properties enhanced for flexible use.
The data from management, lettings and facility management can be used to align all construction measures exactly to the needs of owners and tenants.

Life cycle

We view the life of your property in the context of building and market data. With a view to current and future use. We analyse the potential for flexibility. We analyse the infrastructures: energy consumption, heating, electricity, building technology. We carry out a thorough check of your property and plan together with you how best to manage it.
Properties are becoming mobile. Factories are turning into loft apartments or offices and shops into lounges, restaurants or pop-up shops trading online. Conversion and vacancy measures call for flexible concepts and attractive construction management services.
Tenants are becoming more mobile. Depending on their phase in life, they rent in a more or less long-term manner, need more or less room and new services (new work, sharing economy, silver society etc.). This influences the assessment and management of properties and poses new challenges in terms of supply.
Differentiated consideration of fabric and use Previously the life cycle analysis focused on the property and its structural fabric according to the principle of one property, one use. Today properties are also viewed in the context of their environment, with usage included as a variable.